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Last summer I took my StrikeAlert up to Canada with me

Last summer I took my StrikeAlert up to Canada with me
on a trip where we spent a week fishing for muskie in a pretty remote area. I carry a barometer with me and watch it continuously to detect incoming storms and heightened fish activity. I noticed over a day and a half the barometer was dropping… so slowly I figured it was going to slowly approach us, we’d have a little lightning, then we’d have rain for a while. Well we heard some thunder way off and we decided to go hit our honey hole before it started. We’d definitely have time to fish before this slow storm was coming in. I got out my StrikeAlert and flipped it on as we motored up the narrow tree-lined lake. We came to a 90-degree bend and we couldn’t see the skies where the storm was coming. The detector started flashing and I started to think about believing it and getting off the lake. As we went out into the more open-part of the next section of lake, we stopped and got our rain gear on and talked about heading to shore. My buddy didn't believe the unit, so we proceeded to get our gear on and were about to head to the spot when SLAM, a lightning bolt struck hard maybe 500 yards away. I ran the boat ashore as fast as I could and we sat out the storm with several deafening strikes very close by… very close.I kept the detector on and watched it religiously… it seemed the storm had passed, but it would light up again letting us know there was still danger nearby. We still couldn’t see in the direction of the storm. Finally the strikes were getting further away so we got back in the boat and fished. The detector started going again so we went into shore and sure enough 5 minutes later SLAM! another round of strikes came by. We sat it out again.
Needless to say, it may very well have saved our lives. We were at the center of this lightning. We thought it was going to be a weak and slow storm, we thought it was going to pass in one round of lightning, but we were wrong on all accounts, and StrikeAlert was correct.
Again, thanks for this device… it probably did save my life…
Matt S.

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